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Romesh Gunesekera



Introducing Noontide Toll

Introducing The Prisoner of Paradise.


20 responses to “Welcome

  1. Tuli Ghosh

    I have taught “Wild Duck” to my students. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story. Thank you Romesh


  2. Gillian Vinden-North

    Hi Romesh

    I was very interested to see your mention of my father, Mark Bracegirdle, in your book ‘The Sandglass’ as the Commie who was fighting against deportation. I know some of the story about his time in Sri Lanka, that he worked on the Relugas tea estate, that he went into hiding, that he was accused of supporting the local tea plantation workers etc and that he had a warrant out for his arrest by the British. I wondered if you have any more information about his time there or whether you could throw some light on the conditions of the workers at that time. Were the pay and conditions vastly different from today, for example?

    With kind regards,

    Gillian Vinden-North

  3. Simran Chadha

    Dear Mr Gunesekera,
    Your reading session at the JLF was abs delightful, and totally worth braving the Delhi-Jaipur highway twice, on the same day. May I speak with you sir regarding the themes in some of your novels?

  4. Samadara Weerasuriya

    Dear Mr. Gunasekara,
    I was looking for a novel in Bromley library to read during tiny spare time I get in between work.Amazingly I noticed a book with a Sri Lankan name on it..I am so glad I came to know about you..I am now reading your THE PRISONER OF PARADISE.Looks interesting…
    May Tipple gem bless you and family.
    Samadara Weerassuriya.

  5. Prateek

    I am a boy in class VI. In my English book- Gul Mohar reader 6 there is a story called Wild Duck and it says you have written it. Can you please tell me if you have written it?

  6. Rebecca Stuhr

    I reviewed Prisoner of Paradise here:
    Only touching on a small bit of what seems to be happening in your very beautifully written novel

  7. Oluwafemi Oloidi

    God this is so cool! I feel so blessed when I see people like Romesh Gunesekera. Because the sweetness of their brilliance can only be bought in heaven. My dear Poet; you are great and the meekness of your inspiration, seals me up with anticipation, and weakness my flaws. Stay blessed.

  8. simran chadha (assistant professor, university of delhi)

    Mr Gunesekera, may i know if you will be stopping over in new delhi enroute to kolkatta? heaven’s edge forms a significant part of my thesis and meeting with you would be of tremendous help.

  9. jacki

    excuse me mr Gunesekera .I was wonering if we could discuss the themes of reef in minor detail?

  10. Faiq

    Hello Mr.Romesh! quite interesting ! I got to know you, from Mrs.Shihan Desilva.Frankly telling Visuals I like and I enjoy , the short slid made me to follow any short stories in Visuals I do enjoy, I am a poor reader , it doesn’t mean that we do not enjoy the creativeness……. Hope to follow your visuals


    (Sri Lanka, Colombo)

  11. Looking forward to you visting us next week at Dudley Libraries!

  12. Fintan Cullen

    Attended your reading in West Cork literary festival in Bantry, and enjoyed the evening very much. Am now catching up with your work. Best of luck and thanks for a great evening.

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